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Preventive (L) is an Ayurveda powder. It can be soaked in water previous night & can be sprayed next morning. Water does not get spoiled if remained for 4-6 days.

A quality of 2 gm. Of powder in 1 litre of water should be used.

For e.g. 400 gm. Pack of powder in 10 litres of water should be soaked. Each pump tank should be filled with 1 litre of Preventive (L). It plants are affected by pests add pesticides with Preventive (L) & spray. Crop on which powder is sprayed will remain healthy and the result can be checked.

For e.g. Onion leaves will stand erect & remain or grow healthy after the use of Preventive (L) & result can be seen. By using Preventive (L) crop remain healthy & gives more yield. It can be sprayed on plants also. This spray acts as a Polio vaccine for crop & plants. Hence it acts as a repellent for insect mill worms etc.

Powder should be soaked in water in the previous night. Next morning filter the water and spray. (Each pump should contain 40 gm. powder in 1 litre of water. How much is the capacity & pump equivalent amount of powder should be soaked in specified amount or litre of water.)



  1.  Pesticides should be sprays according to the change in atmosphere. Any pesticide can be mixed with Preventive (L) and sprayed.
  2.  The reason behind to soak the powder in water that, the exact or medicinal properly of the powder should get mixed with water. Therefore 1 pump in 1 liter water.

Dear farmer,

Inspire of the many advances in the field agriculture techniques there is no satisfactory yield obtained. To overcome their problem, after research of 30 year, an easy, safe to use, giving high yield of crops or product is made available at a very low cost.

USING Preventive (L)

Reduces the use of fungicides, tonics, micro nutrients.

It does work of all these at once