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Advantages of AAFI Soil conditioner

  •  While fertilizer is made up comprising of all herb medicinal plants.
  •  Option for chemical fertilizer.
  •  Option for fertilizer & cow dong manure.
  •  AAFI alone satisfied all needs of the crops.
  •  It improves the fertilizer & quantity of soil.
  •  Useful for current and upcoming crops.
  •  Affordable than other fertilizers.
  •  Seasonal crops can be cultivated early.
  •  Easy method of application.
  •  Gives high yield as compared to other fertilizer.
  •  Crops can be cultivated immediately one after other.
  •  It increase the quality & taste of crops.
  •  Decaying & spoilage of crops is avoided or prevented.
  •  It improves the immunity of crops and decreases the use of medicine.
  •  It increases the storage capacity of crops.
  •  It increases the yield, nutrients value & growth of the crops and also prevents from pests.
  •  It maintains the shape of fruits. For e.g. pomegranate, tomato, guava, papaya, mango.
  •  It gives shiny appearance to fruits
  •  Spoiled or decayed yield is not obtained. For e.g. onion, potato, pomegranate, tomato.
  •  Immunity of fruit is maintained & falling of fruits it decreased. For e.g. grapes, pomegranate, chikku, guava etc.
  •  Flowering of crops increases which ultimately gives rise to fruiting up to 100% increase the bulk of fruits.
  •  As compared to use of other fertilizer better result are obtained.
  •  It increases the capacity & immunity of plants.
  •  Plants are not affected by the weather changes for e.g. by winter season and don’t die e.g. bananas
  •  Increases yield by 25 % as compared to other fertilizer
  •  Side effects are reduced.  As compared to other fertilizer, E.g. Burning of crops, increase in the salt content of the soil.
  •  From content/ saltiness/ water lock/ infertile land can be made fertile is the primary aim of the AFFI soil conditioners.